Affirmations, or the power of words and how to use it

Affirmations, or the power of words and how to use it

Self-talk, the words that you say to yourself quietly in your mind, has actually a powerful effect on the results you’re going to achieve. That’s because your unconscious mind does not reason, it does not know what is the best for you. Whatever information it receives it acts on it, whether it’s negative or positive. Your job is to control this self-talk. I know it is not always possible, after all, we’re emotional creatures, but you have to do your best to stay as positive as you can be. Me myself, I’m not a real positive person, that’s why I have to control myself. I have to pay attention to my thoughts, and most of all always try to focus on the positive. The easiest way to do that is with the use of affirmations.

Many people don’t take affirmations seriously. They say that it’s not enough to think positively all the time. You also need to achieve something realistic in your life, like get a degree, get some life experience. It is true. I agree with that. We all need education, experience etc. But affirmation may be something extra that can help us achieve our goals. It may, for example, helps us get a degree. To pass all the exams you may not only need studying hard but sometimes a little bit of luck is also necessary. You will also need a lot of motivation and you will also need to believe in yourself. That is where our affirmations come in handy. Those are positive thoughts that can help us achieve something that in the beginning may seem to us not possible to achieve. Not everybody may have enough belief in their learning skills in order to take up studies. But with appropriate affirmations that is what they may get. It doesn’t mean that they will get a degree just from their believing. They will still have to take part in classes, in all the conversations, and in the end, take exams. But with affirmations, it may all seem easier. Most of all it may seem doable. It may push people to do things they thought were impossible to do. It can help change their mind view. Their limits. That is what the affirmations are for. They help many athletes break their limits, and so can help you too.

Technically, the purpose of affirmations is to make a strong statement that something is already so. They help your unconscious mind believe whatever image of yourself you create. And here’s a trick. We don’t usually think about this process and sometimes feel negative or have negative thoughts. It’s normal, we’re all humans and we’re all have been there. We like to feel sad for ourselves from time to time. The thing is that our unconscious mind takes it all as true. Whether you’re just imagining things or feeling sorry for yourself, your unconscious mind will believe you and give you more reasons to feel sorry about.

Positive people have the easiest lives. They’re always happy and always positive. The more they’re positive and happy the more of that they have in their lives. Negative people, on the other hand, have to struggle more. It’s like nothing happens to them without a reason. They have to work hard to achieve something. They have to overcome all the obstacles and show the world that they can do it. I’m not saying that it is better to be negative or it’s better to be positive. It is best to be yourself and have positive thoughts, at least from time to time. And positive affirmations can help you do just that.

In my opinion, the person that made the best use of affirmations was Muhammed Ali. He is known to repeat the words “I’m the king of the world, I am the greatest” over and over again. And that is what he became. Does it mean that he didn’t have to practise, just sit around and become the greatest boxer of all time? No, he still had to practise day and night, but that is what pushed him to achieve his goal of becoming “the king of the world.” If he hadn’t said these words or hadn’t believed them, his brain would have probably found other things to worry about. But instead, he used this power to start the things moving and helping him become the real king of the world.

Affirmations may help you stay on your track to success. It’s like flying with a pilot who knows where to get you. Without them you just let your mind wander. And yes, it is like flying without a pilot. But if you’re still sceptical about the power of affirmations, there is no need to even try using them. In order for them to work, you need to believe the real power that words have on your life and then use that power in the best way possible. If you don’t believe that words can change reality, don’t even bother. If you strongly believe and really desire to make some positive changes in your life, here is how to do it.

When you create affirmations use the present tense. There is no need to use future or past because your mind does not discern between present and future. Speak of the things you want in your life as they are already happening in your life. That will make you feel better and that’s the point. Focus on those good feelings. If you want to become a manager, speak to yourself as you’re already a manager. Visualize yourself as a manager. It may seem crazy but it’s fine. Just don’t do it in front of the others. It may seem a little weird.

The affirmations need also to be positive and personal. The more personal the better. It’s about you so start every affirmation with “I….” Don’t make them too long or complicated. Simply state what you want in few words. It should be short, easy to remember and apply. You can be more specific in your visualisations. Actually, the more specific the more real it may seem. And that is what you want to make your unconscious mind to believe in. If you manage to convince your mind that it is real, soon it will give you new ideas, it will change your behaviour and thoughts and soon you will act, think and make decisions like a real manager.

Write your affirmations on a piece of paper and repeat them at least few times a day. Never stop to believe and desire. That is the power your affirmations need to become a reality. That will also affect their effectiveness. I’m not saying that they will work for everybody, that they will bring bulletproof effects, that that is what you have to do in order to become successful. But they sure helped many of us. So why not give it a try?


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